Copenhagen named among best places to fish in the Baltic Sea

Christian Wenande
June 21st, 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

Fishing trip booking giant FishingBooker praised the Danish capital for its cod and sea trout options 

Angling for an outdoors escape? (photo: Pixabay)

Outdoor hobbies have skyrocketed in Denmark during the COVID-19 pandemic, with leisure fishing being one of them.

And aspiring anglers seem to be quite fortunate in living in Copenhagen, at least according to Serbia-based online fishing trip booker, FishingBooker.com.

FishingBooker.com hailed the Danish capital for its numerous fishing areas, even within the city centre itself. 

“The city’s port is one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea and is very popular with anglers. Cod bite particularly well in the north and sea trout can be found on the Sluseholmen peninsula in the south,” the list stated.

“These two species also make an excellent dinner, while the consumption of eel, flounder and herring is not yet recommended, despite the quite clean water.”

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Stockholm gets a shout
The other 11 areas featured on the top 12 list were:

–  Schaprode, Germany

– Kühlungsborn, Germany

– Kalmar, Sweden

– Stockholm, Sweden

– Umeå, Sweden

– Kemi, Finland

– Vaasa, Finland

– Turku, Finland

– Loksa, Estonia

– Riga, Latvia

– Kołobrzeg, Poland

FishingBooker.com has also written a tasty piece on fishing in Denmark in general, which can be read here.


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