Prominent politician Naser Khader kicked out following #MeToo revelations

Christian Wenande
August 18th, 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

MP excluded from Konservative party following sexual misconduct inquest

Seven women accuse Naser Khader of sexual misconduct – he denies all of the allegations (photo: reter men/Flickr)

Following a sexual misconduct investigation led by an independent team of lawyers, MP Naser Khader has been kicked out of the Konservative party. 

Party head Søren Pape Poulsen revealed that the investigation included seven women and 17 witnesses. The party group in Parliament unanimously supported Khader’s exclusion.

“When we launched the investigation, the accusations were serious. With new allegations, the seriousness has more than been confirmed,” Poulsen said, according to TV2 News.

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“Trial by the media”
In a Facebook post, Khader said he was “shocked” by the decision, which he claims is based on an investigation that fails to offer a concrete conclusion. 

“No-one has reported me to the police and I’m convinced that none of the cases would hold up in court – time will show,” said Khader.

“I’m shocked the burden of proof has been flipped … I must document my innocence pertaining to events that allegedly occurred up to 21 years ago. I hope that my so-called #MeToo cases will be the last to be tried by the media and the public courtroom and not in a trial.”

According to the women who have come forward, the episodes took place between 1999 and 2019. In most of the cases Khader would arrange to meet the women in a ‘professional capacity’, which quickly changed once they came into contact.

Several of the women have told how Khader forced or tried to force them into sexual situations that they had not wanted or consented to. Some of the women have said they consider the episodes as assault.

Khader himself has denied all of the allegations.

Another one bites the dust
Since the MeToo movement kicked off in Denmark last year, a number of high-profile politicians have been forced to resign from office.

Among those are former Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen and former Radikale head Morten Østergaard.


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