Veganerpartiet members concur that excluding the meat of the party was a mistake

Armelle Delmelle
February 7th, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

Henrik Vindfeldt reinstated and likely to take over leadership reins

For reasons that even he didn’t properly comprehend, Henrik Vindfeldt was ousted from Veganerpartiet in January.

But today the co-founder is back in the game.

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Critical questions at EGM
At 11:00 on Sunday, a national emergency meeting took place at the Zleep Hotel in Høje Taastrup to address two important matters.

Firstly, should the exclusion of Vindfeldt, the co-founder and former political spokesperson, be withdrawn?

Secondly, was there confidence in the current national leadership, or should it resign?

The answers that came back
Vindfeldt was not invited to the meeting as he was technically not a member of the party anymore.

Like everybody else, press included, he had to wait to find out the result of the vote.

Some 120 members out of the 150 at the meeting voted to reinstate him. The party also decided to oust the entire national leadership in light of the conflict.

This included the party’s political spokesperson, Michael Monberg, another co-founder, who had already promised to resign as de facto leader should Vindfeldt return.

What will happen now?
Vindfeldt has told DR that if he was asked to lead the party, he would.

Monberg is undecided whether he will remain with the party.

The only thing both men still agree on is the need to get at least 3 percent of the public vote at the next general election, which is due to take place before June 2023, in order to obtain political representation in Parliament.


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