Electricity prices dip to lowest level since May

Christian Wenande
October 5th, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

Windy weather across Europe means and falling gas prices could lead to more of the same in the coming months  

Who would have guessed we’d look forward to those overcast and windy days of Autumn (photo: Pixabay)

If you’ve been waiting for more favourable electricity prices to get to that massive pile of laundry in the basement, today is a good time to get to it.

Thanks to windy weather today, electricity prices are set to hit their lowest mark since May, according to the Nord Pool power exchange.

“We have a lot of affordable energy at our disposal. We actually have more than we need, particularly because there is a lot of wind across much of Europe,” Kristian Rune Poulsen, a head consultant with Green Power Denmark, said according to DR Nyheder.

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Gas prices dropping
Poulsen said that he expected more days like today in the near future as there is typically more wind during the Autumn months. 

But because Europe also relies on gas to produce electricity when it is not windy, the falling gas prices will also have a positive impact on power prices. 

Check out the daily electricity prices from Nord Pool here. 


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