A platform for rental apartments in Copenhagen that you can trust

March 8th, 2021 4:00 pm| by Sponsored article

When it comes to finding an apartment in the biggest cities of Denmark, you will be faced with one of the biggest challenges of your life. Finding a reasonable apartment in acceptable conditions and within a realistic price range that fits into your budget is almost impossible these days, and it seems that you have to either know somebody who knows somebody who owns the apartment or just be extremely lucky to achieve such a thing. However, when you do adjourn upon the challenge it will be to find an apartment, you need to be sure that you are using a trustworthy platform. This is the first piece of advice we can give you about the topic, and there are still a few more good ones to come.

Choosing the smart way instead of the hard way
Finding Copenhagen housing is a labyrinth in itself and, thus, you need to start off in good time to be sure to find housing when you need it. A good advice is to sign up for a housing association which is a very common thing in the bigger danish cities. This is a trustworthy association that might just be your golden ticket to finding a nice apartment much faster than you might think. Once it was possible to sign up your baby when it is born, but these days it has been changed so that you can do it from when you turn 18 years old. From the moment you join the list, you get a license number, and then when you start searching for a place to live actively, you can activate your number, and so when you are the first on in line for a specific apartment, it is offered to you. The lists are usually very long, so even though you have been signed up since you turned 18, there might still be long prospects.

Expand your horizon when it comes to type of housing
There are many other ways to make your search more effective and one thing you can do is to expand your horizon when it comes to ways of living. If you are more open to living in different ways, for example with roommates, in dorms, or in AirBNB apartments, you are way more likely to find a place to live faster. The dorm is actually a quite popular choice among the young danes as it is a way to socialize with a lot of people, form a community and be a part of a family that is not actually your family.


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