Week of ‘Fartkontrol’ ahead … but speeding is no laughing matter, say police

Many accidents are avoidable, if only we didn’t go too fast, warns Rigspolititet

“Slow down just a bit” and perhaps avoid a big fine this week (Photo: Rigspolititet)
October 11th, 2021 9:45 am| by Ben Hamilton

Is it just us, or has there been a proliferation of ‘Fartkontrol’ signs in areas where tourists are likely to see them – like near the airports and borders?

After all, it’s good for tourism: you’ve just entered Denmark and you’re already having family fun.

“Dad won’t last very long here,” your youngest observes. 

Avoidable accidents
Well, get ready for an onslaught this week, as ‘Fartkontrol’ (speed control) is going nationwide from today. The police will be stepping up efforts to catch speeders across the country, the national police body Rigspolititet confirmed yesterday.

“Every year, the police are called out to countless traffic accidents that could have been avoided if the road users had complied with the speed limits,” confirmed Rigspolititet spokesperson Christian Berthelsen.

The checks will continue until Friday.

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