Copenhagen named best city for bargain hunters

With highly rated flea and street markets, antique stores and outlets, the Danish capital was head and shoulders above the competition

Denmark scored well for second-hand shopping
October 3rd, 2022 10:41 am| by Christian W

According to insurance price comparer, Copenhagen is the top city in Europe for bargain hunters.

With an overall bargain index score of 8.43 out of 10, the Danish capital was lauded for its highly rated flea and street markets, antique stores and outlets.

“The Danish capital is home to the third-highest rated antique stores in Europe. It’s also home to the highest-rated markets in the top 10 (4.63/5), perhaps due to the wide range of food and clothes stalls,” wrote

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No bargains in Balkans
Following Copenhagen, Riga, Amsterdam, Dublin and Budapest made up the top 5, while Oslo, Porto, London, Rome and Helsinki completing the top 10.

Denmark’s second-biggest city, Aarhus, was ranked 25th. 

Several cities in the Balkan region finished bottom in the ranking, with Zagreb ranking last behind Sofia, Maribor and Chisinau. 

Check out the entire rankings here.

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