Denmark’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy delayed

Christian Wenande
March 6th, 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

Distribution issues means that everyone is set to be fully vaccinated by July 18

We appear to be fighting it off (photo: Pixabay)

According to Denmark’s COVID-19 strategy, everyone (who wants to) would be fully vaccinated by June 27. 

Well, that was until yesterday.

Due to vaccine distribution problems, that date has been pushed several weeks until July 18.

In a letter to Parliament that TV2 has come into possession of, the Health Ministry stated that it expects everyone (age 16 and older) to have completed their vaccinations about three weeks later than previously planned.

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Greater intervals between jabs
Moreover, the health authority
Sundhedsstyrelsen has also decided to expand the interval between the first and second vaccine doses to allow for a greater number of vaccines to be used as first-time jabs.

The authority also changed its stance on the AstraZeneca vaccine so it will now allow citizens over the age of 65 to be administered it. 

Finally, Sundhedsstyrelsen also revealed that Pfizer will deliver 20,000 more doses per week in April than previously expected.

So far, over 320,000 people have been given their first vaccination across Denmark. Over 175,000 have been given both jabs.

Check out the Health Ministry’s vaccine calendar here or in the image below.

Key – Dark green: completed, light green: planned and shaded: expected, depending on vaccine delivery (photo: Health Ministry)


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