Terror trial likely to commence at Holbæk Court in August

Charges stem from 13 arrests in February 2021; suspects are Syrian brothers and one of their wives

Two men aged 34 and 36 who are believed to be brothers from Syria, and one of their wives, 31, who has a dual Danish-Iraqi citizenship, have been charged with planning a terrorist attack – in an unknown location, either in Denmark or abroad.

According to TV2, investigators might have an inkling of what the target was, but it has not been included on the charge sheet, as it might be difficult to prove in court.

The case is expected to begin in August.

13 arrests in total
What is clear on the charge sheet, which was released by Holbæk Court in northeast Zealand yesterday, is that the trio are accused of preparing an attack using one or more bombs and other weapons.

By the time of their arrest in February last year, they had acquired weapons, ammunition, chemicals commonly used to make bombs, and other bomb-making equipment.

Ten other people were arrested at the time, but most were released after two months of custody. 

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Additional charges
Additionally, the trio are accused of planning a bank transfer to a person affiliated to Islamic State.

And two of the three are also accused of helping an IS member with communication and internet searches. They are accordingly charged with promoting terrorist activities.

All three are pleading not guilty. If found guilty, the two men face being deported, and the woman could lose her Danish citizenship. 

Significant number of attacks averted
Officers from the PET intelligence agency arrested the trio in Holbæk in February last year, and they have been in custody ever since. 

Earlier this year, PET published a report stating, among other things, that in recent years “a significant number of terrorist attacks in Denmark have been averted”.

One such attack targeted the Grand Depart in Copenhagen in early July.

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